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Leadership for the law-enforcement first-line supervisor.

"The Truth About How To Become a RESPECTED LEADER... Even If You Have Never Been A Supervisor Before!"

New and Future Supervisors! Recently promoted? Taking next promotion exam? It's not your fault that nobody has shown you how to actually lead. 
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YES! I Want To Be A Better Leader NOW!

This is a must read for law enforcement.

I plan to purchase this book for each administrator in our Iowa sheriff's office. It's an easy read, and the summary and plan of action at the end of each chapter were very helpful

-Diana Wilharm Winneshiek County Deputy Sheriff

Reading this book reminded me of the tools I totally forgot I had available to me.

Also a tool I need to remove from myself (hammer). The author unique style is relatable, one that makes a person self reflect, and you can identify different leadership methods being used by supervisors. This author is a leadership guru. I look forward to many more publications from him and will continue to follow his lead."

-Amazon Reviewer ​

As I was reading, I felt like I was listening to you tell a story.

It was engaging. I appreciate that because (as you know) some leadership books are just plain BORING!"

-Chad McVey

If you are reading this, I'm guessing you are considering taking an upcoming promotion process, about to take a promotion process, or you're currently a supervisor. You've probably had thoughts such as, "I know I'll be a better leader than some of the supervisors we currently have."
Leadership is a funny thing; most people think you're either born with it or you're not. While some people are born with varying degrees of natural leadership ability, I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about leadership skills for new and aspiring supervisors.
In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now. It is looking incompetent. 
But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?
Because people don't want to follow a leader who doesn't know what they are doing or lacks confidence.!
Which means you won't be able to get that next promotion or earn an outstanding performance review.
And, worst of all, most new or aspiring managers can't get past the idea that leading is something you are born to do or you are not..
Look, I've been a cop for 26 years and a hostage negotiator for 18 of those years. I've trained and equipped hundreds of new and experienced managers with the tools they needed to master the art and science of leadership as well as the motivation and communication techniques used by hostage negotiators.
If you're a current or aspiring supervisor who really needs to be respected but can't figure out how to do it, I wrote a book just for you.
YES! I Want To Be A Better Leader NOW!

This is a must read book for all law enforcement officers who want to be supervisors or are supervisors.

Plain English for the working man or woman. As a former supervisor I agree with everything in this book!

Scott Amaral 

Often 'leadership' books become theoretical or esoteric and frankly to long. This is an excellent read. straightforward, fun with interesting personal examples backed up by a wealth of technical references.

Ed's book covered an amazing amount of ground for leaders in any field, not just police work. Leadership is leadership whether for police, public servants, business or frankly anyone; even coaching a sports team. I enjoyed his writing style, easily understood and very approachable.

- Brad West


  • How a bank robber lead researchers to discover a thinking trap almost all leaders fall into. (Page 6)
  • Would you turn down a pay raise to get a better boss? Turns out you are not alone. (Page 8)
  • Should you be a manager or a leader? Actually, that is the wrong question. (Page 21)
  • 8 quick tips for performance appraisals. (Page 143)
  • The four stages of competence in anything you do. (Page 38)
  • The difference between power and authority. (Page 51)
  • How to effectively use the F-word as a leader. (Page 68)
  • The one thing you need from your boss, no matter what your rank. (Page 77)
  • What to do if your boss is a micromanager (Page 78)
  • The only way to respond to feedback. (Page 165)

  • How to get your people to be 30 times more engaged at work. (Page 140)
  • Learn what we do well with our new recruits, but fail when it comes to our new supervisors. (Page 10)
  •  Find out if leaders really are born or made? Finally, an answer. (Page 19)
  • Are you disengaged at work? Turns out you are not alone. (Page 20)
  • So you’re the F.N.G, here’s what you need to know. (Page 37)  
  • Most people think this makes you a leader, they’d be wrong. (Page 50)
  • Studying for an upcoming promotion exam? Use this technique. (Page 154)
  • The first rule of leadership. (Page 119)
  • The most important lesson a leader must learn. (Page 164)
  • How to listen like a hostage negotiator. (Page 135)
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"As a former LEO and in the private sector for quite some time now, this book is relevant to not only to LEO supervisors, but also to private sector as well.

Ed does a great job in connecting with law enforcement folks, but those outside of law enforcement can relate to the leadership points he identifies throughout the book. It is an easy read, and you will eat it up pretty quick because it flows very smoothly. What I like about his book is the balance of science and real-life examples. "

Amazon Reviewer

"Although written in the context of law enforcement, this book will be a relevant and valuable guide to anyone who wishes to become a more effective leader and foster positive outcomes.

Pallas has masterfully provided us with an interesting book that is content-rich and should be considered recommended reading for entry level supervisors and those who are interested further growth as leaders.

Dr. Patrick Guarnieri Chairman & CEO National De-escalation Center ​

Send me the ebook for only $7!