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  • Seeking leadership training for yourself or others in your agency.
  • Struggling as a new supervisor.
  • Trying to figure out how to score well on an upcoming promotion exam.
  • Struggling with your people skills.
  • Looking for a way to improve your communication skills
  • Seeking a mentor or coach to get you to the next level


Hi, I'm Edward Pallas

I specialize in helping you, my brother or sister in blue, reach your full potential and become the leader others want to follow. I have 26 years of law enforcement experience (I’m still on the job) and over 20 years of experience in leadership training, education, and coaching.  I’m also an:

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Hostage Negotiator, Police Commander, Executive Coach

My Story and My Mission

I was a new supervisor, in charge of an elite team of undercover cops, trying to figure out how to go from buddy to boss. I really wanted to be successful in my new role, managing a team that I used to be a part of, so I wouldn't have to be seen as an incompetent jerk.

I wanted to be a respected leader. The thing is I wasn't sure how to actually "do" leadership. That meant I couldn’t lead like some of the great bosses I had worked for. 

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I was trying to fill the shoes of the previous supervisor. He was an outstanding leader, well-liked, and respected. Just as I became the new supervisor, the team started experiencing a productivity slump.

I knew, as the boss, I needed to motivate the team and get them out of the slump.  I tried. I felt like I was doing a great job, until one of the members of my team told me I wasn't. Ouch, that hurt.

Since then, I discovered leadership is a set of skills that can be taught, learned, and developed.  I've made many mistakes during my journey but have learned from every one of them.  

My mission is to show others how to avoid the mistakes I made and teach them the skills needed to be respected leader other will want to follow.

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Leadership is a process

Many people think you are either a natural-born leader or you are not.

Leadership is not a singular act – it’s a process. Leadership is not about making one big decision it is about the many small decisions, the small behaviors you engage in every day. These daily behaviors build or erode the trust you have with those you work with and lead.

Leadership is about influencing others.

In order to influence someone else, you have to understand how they behave and why they behave the way they do. You also need to understand and be aware of your behavior. If you are not aware of your own behavior, a crucial component of emotional intelligence, you have not reached your full leadership potential.

 While all leaders are born, great leaders develop through a process of learning, growth, development, and coaching. The problem is many people don’t want to admit they are not good at something. They do not grow because they fear they will fail. 

No matter where you are on the leadership ladder (aspiring supervisor, manager, high-level executive) I will provide a safe environment for you to take your leadership skills to the next level. I’m passionate about helping you and your organization reach optimal performance.

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