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Empowering audiences to achieve their leadership potential through captivating keynotes, interactive workshops, and transformational coaching sessions.

Ed helps managers become leaders

Many people think you are either a natural born leader or you are not. 

Leadership is not a singular act it’s a process.
Leadership is not about making one big decision it is about the many small decisions, the small behaviors you engage in every day.

These daily behaviors build or erode the trust you have with those you work with and lead.

Leadership is about influencing others. 

In order to influence someone else, you have to understand how they behave and why they behave the way they do.  You also need to understand and be aware of your behavior.  If you are not aware of your own behavior, a crucial component of emotional intelligence, you have not reached your full leadership potential. 

 While all leaders are born, great leaders develop through a process of learning, growth, development, and coaching.   The problem is many people don’t want to admit they are not good at something.  They do not grow because they fear they will fail.  

 No matter where you are on the leadership ladder (aspiring supervisor, manager, high-level executive) Ed will provide a safe environment for you to take your leadership skills to the next level. Ed is passionate about helping you and your organization perform at the highest level. 


  • Do you need help with motivating your team?
  • Are you good at the technical side of your job, but struggle with your people skills?
  • Do you find it hard to understand why some people act the way they do?
  • Do you have problems understanding and motivating millennials?
  • Do you struggle to hold employees accountable?
  • Are you unsure how to transition from peer to supervisor?
  • Hate to deal with problem employees and employees with problems?
  • Do you find some of your soft skills are not so soft?
  • Do you need help with your presentation skills?


Ed offers many services designed to help improve the performance and productivity of organizations through developing its leaders and team members.


  • Ed will diagnose your organizational problems
  • Ed will write a prescription designed to treat and heal these problems
  • Ed will engage, entertain, and inspire you.
  • Ed will provide practical, useable tools and strategies.


Here are ways Ed can help you or your organization


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“Ed is an engaging speaker.  Two days well spent learning to be a better supervisor.”

“A dynamic speaker with experience and insight. By utilizing Ed's experience and wisdom, its a win-win for all!”

Ed did a wonderful job working with my team.  The Leadership Game was fun and insightful!”

Dr. Paul Schwartzman


Dr. Paul Schwartzman


Great class for established leaders to understand how they affect their staff.  But also a great class for aspiring leaders to work both up and down the chain of command.  Beneficial for both experienced and new leaders.”


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